Investment decisions focused on the clients' assets growth

Wealth Management

Through tailored investment strategies, 3J conducts the management of the clients’ portfolio considering their risk sensitivity, expectation and long-term goals.

Fund Management

3J has extensive experience and understanding in managing diverse types of investment funds, including, stock market, bonds, credit, real estate, exclusive funds, among others.


In alliance with broker-dealers duly regulated abroad, 3J appraises the best execution price for purchase and/or sale of securities and bonds in the international markets for its clients.

Why 3J?

Our Expertise

3J provides for institutional and private clients access to regulated financial markets in a variety of regions, such as Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and Brazil.

A Sense of Confidence

3J acknowledges its fiduciary duty in every proceeding in the benefit of our clients. The team continuously analyses different investment opportunities, discussing the variables and maintaining our clients thoroughly informed. Prior to any decision, we carefully review our clients’ viewpoints.

A Sense of Security

3J operates with the leading platforms available in the international market, guaranteeing our clients the access to superior custodians, fund administrators, broker-dealers, register agents, exchange currency brokers, among other service providers best suited to the investment structure.

A Sense of Trust

The long-term relationship we hold with our clients is 3J’s most valuable recognition. We continuously endeavour our best efforts to build long-lasting connections and open communication with our clients. We strongly believe our clients should be permanently heard and understood.
➔ 3J performs the discretionary management of clients’ allocated portfolio, operating daily review, allocation and settlement of investments.

➔ We design customised investment strategies, taking into account the risk sensitivity, expectations and return goals of our clientele.

➔ Our detailed investment process maximizes the efficiency in the purchase and sale transactions of securities and bonds, ensuring the direct involvement and follow-up of the transactions by the clients.

How We Work

Leading The Best Investment Management Team

3J is proud to have a highly qualified team to render investment management services to its clients. Our team have strong experience in the financial markets, having past experiences in financial institutions and other financial management companies.


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