Mergers and Acquisitions

Bespoke M&A solutions on a global scale.

3J is a leading wealth management and transaction consultancy, offering specialized guidance in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 3J serves companies of all sizes, assisting Brazilian companies in entering the Portuguese and European markets, as well as Portuguese companies in expanding into the Brazilian and South American markets.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Strategic M&A Sell-side

Through a highly personalized approach, the mission of identifying the ideal financial and strategic partners to maximize the value of your company is undertaken. 3J's commitment lies in elevating your transition to a new level of success.

Smart M&A Buy-side

Deep insights are demanded for strategic decisions. Business options are meticulously unearthed and analyzed by our team of experts. 3J charts strategic paths that pave the way for intelligent decisions. From conception to closing, we seek an unparalleled competitive advantage for our clients.

Planned Business Mergers

Navigating the complex waters of corporate mergers is a journey guided with precision and mastery. Every step, from strategic planning to negotiation phases, is carefully shaped to harmonize cultures, optimize processes, and open doors to a new era of synergy and growth. 3J's experience becomes your edge.

Successful Joint Ventures

Confidence in exploring new horizons of corporate expansion is grounded in the certainty that we stand by our clients at every step. 3J's expertise in guiding joint ventures serves as the compass pointing to opportunities for strategic collaboration. Through this guidance, 3J empowers its clients to reach higher and conquer new markets with determination.

Valuation Precision

We advise our clients in crafting valuations, seeking precision in method definition and elaboration. Each element used is chosen as a result of meticulous analysis and insightful parameters. Thus, reliable information is generated, shaping assertive strategies and underpinning informed decisions.

Value-Oriented Management

Empowering companies for a journey of cash generation and market value enhancement is the goal of 3J's value-oriented approach. This approach establishes itself as the helm guiding our clients' operations towards healthier margins and sustainable growth. 3J's triumph metric is the success our clients achieve.

Informed Decisions by Precise Values

In a scenario of uncertainties, relying on precise information is crucial for basing administrative and strategic decisions. Our asset analysis goes beyond the superficial, delving deeply into the concept of value. This results in a comprehensive and enlightening overview that facilitates informed decision-making.

Customized Valuation for Startups

The future belongs to innovators, but innovation must be translated in terms of value. 3J's valuation of startups not only quantifies innovation but also assesses the involved risks. This balanced assessment is crucial for forging agreements that benefit both the business and its investors.


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